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  • Introduction
  • Draw Time of Dear Blitzen Weekly Lottery
  • Prize Details of Dear Blitzen Weekly Lottery
  • How Dear Lottery Collaborate with Sikkim State Lottery
  • Prize Differences of Dear Lottery and Sikkim State Lottery


Dear Lottery creates many millionaires and crorepati in India with the help of their lottery system. The winner of the lottery prize gets enough money to support his family and personal life.

The life of the lottery prize winner changes when he gets the winning amount from the lottery system. He can turn the steering of his life with the help of a winning amount. He can invest the money to get profits from different projects.

Dear Blitzen Lottery can shower the money on the winner of the lottery. But you have to select the lottery ticket intelligently and play sharply to save the opportunity that you got for today. Blitzen conveys the meaning of light in the form of thunder and flash.

Dear Blitzen Weekly Lottery means that the lottery can blitz the amount of money that you cannot handle in any form. If you are spending your life on a routine basis and suddenly you get the news that you have won the lottery prize. This news can amaze you and can put you in a condition of wonder.

Draw Time of Dear Blitzen Weekly Lottery

The draw time of every lottery makes it special among the participants of the lottery. When you get the news of the draw time announcement you will be in a condition of happiness. This happiness will create a quest to win the lottery prize.

The draw time of the Dear Blitzen Weekly Lottery is 6:00 PM every Monday. You can get the ticket for the draw before the draw time. Tickets for the Dear Blitzen Lottery arrive at ticket seller point one day before the draw.

You can easily buy your desired ticket number from the ticket seller but you have to do it earlier. Because the tickets are sold on the condition of first come first serve. You can get multiple tickets from the ticket seller according to your budget.

Prize Details of Dear Blitzen Weekly Lottery

The prize of the lottery can be increased or decreased based on the circumstances of the lottery industry. The lottery industry makes a profit by selling lottery tickets. The profit of the lottery can vary every year.

The lottery prize is given from the profit that a lottery makes every day. The profit depends on the sale of lottery tickets. The First Prize of the Dear Blitzen Lottery is ₹ 10000000 and the ticket seller of the lottery also gets an amount of ₹ 500000 as a prize.

The ticket price of the lottery is only ₹ 6. You can easily get ten tickets to the lottery in just ₹ 60. When you buy multiple tickets of the lottery your chance of winning will increase within the increase in lottery tickets.

How Dear Lottery Collaborate with Sikkim State Lottery

Dear Lottery has 9 offices in different states of India that collaborate with different lottery systems to organize the lottery. The big prize of the lottery is given due to the collaboration of different lotteries. So that they can make big money to give big prizes. 

Dear Lottery has offices in Punjab, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Meghalaya, Tamil Nado, New Delhi, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, and Nagaland. They collaborate with Sikkim State of Lotteries to give big prizes to their people.

Big prizes are given to people from different states where the ticket of the Dear Lottery is sold for the specific draw. The participants will get a prize from the lottery will be from dear lotter. Due to this reason different states work with different lotteries to give more prizes to make the lottery more profitable for them. 

Prize Differences of Dear Lottery and Sikkim State Lottery

In India, most people play the lottery because their states make special laws to allow lottery games in their states. The State Government makes profits from the lottery by selling lottery tickets. These profits get used in different government projects. 

Sikkim State Lottery is a newly launched lottery than the Dear Lottery in India. So the Dear Lottery is old from Sikkim State Lottery. Due to the popularity of the Dear Lottery, it makes huge profits than the other lotteries in different states.

So Dear Lottery launches different lotteries in different states to give more big prizes than the other lotteries. The Sikkim State gives only ₹ 10000 as a First Prize of the lottery in ₹ 10 ticket. But the Dear Lottery gives ₹ 10000000 in a ticket price of just ₹ 6.

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