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  • Introduction
  • Prize Details of Dear Comet Weekly Lottery
  • Draw Time of Dear Comet Weekly Lottery
  • Can a Poor Person Afford Dear Lottery
  • Details of Other Draws of Dear Lottery


Different lotteries are working in India under the Government Rules that the federal or state governments make. Dear Lottery is one of them that follows the rules and regulations made by the government to run their lottery system.

Many other states also run lotteries with different names but the Dear Lottery gives the highest prizes to its players. Dear Lottery is also famous in the town due to its multiple lottery draws in a single day.

Indians have been playing the lottery since ancient times and this phenomenon continues with the advancement of the lottery system. Now you can easily buy lottery tickets online and from sellers.

Prize Details of Dear Comet Weekly Lottery

The prize structure of every lottery system is different from others. Dear Lottery manages its prize system with the help of other lotteries to facilitate the players. When the lottery gets more profits then the prize of the lottery increases every year.

The prize is directly proportional to the sale of the lottery tickets. When the sale of lottery tickets increases the prize of the lottery also increases by the lottery administration. Dear Comet Weekly Lottery first prize is ₹ 10000000 and the seller will also get ₹ 500000.

The Prize Tier of the Dear Comet Weekly Lottery is from First Prize to Sixth Prize. The First Prize of the lottery is awarded to only one player but the other prizes are distributed among multiple winners. 

Draw Time of Dear Comet Weekly Lottery

Every player has their preferences to play the lottery game. They choose different draws to play the lottery game. The experienced players choose the draw which has a low density of the participants.

The new players don’t have preferences for the selection of the lottery draw. They just think about playing the lottery game and they buy the lottery tickets that are available in the market. They do not do any planning for the lottery game.

The Draw Time of Dear Comet Lottery is 6:00 PM every Tuesday. The result of the lottery is updated on the website for every draw. The other draw of Dear Lottery is 1:00 PM and 8:00 PM. You can check the result updates on the website at draw time.

Can a Poor Person Afford Dear Lottery

Dear Lottery is the only one in the Nagaland State which is affordable to everyone even the poor or rich, businessmen or job holders, students or teachers, men or women. You just have only ₹ 6 Rupees to buy the lottery ticket.

There is no restriction to play the lottery draw, everyone can play the every draw of the lottery. This rule is not applied that if you play the 1:00 PM draw of the lottery then you cannot play the 6:00 PM draw.

The sale of the lottery increases when the lottery ticket price is low. Everyone purchases a lottery ticket to win the lottery game. But when the lottery participants increase winning possibility decreases.

Details of Other Draws of Dear Lottery

Dear Lottery also manages other lottery draws like Dear Comet Lottery. The prize tier of these lottery draws can be different from this one. The price of a ticket may be different for the other lottery draws.

Dear Lottery also announces bumper prize draw two times a month. Dear Lottery also collaborates with the Punjab State of Lotteries and Lottery Sambad to draw the bumper prize. The officials of both lotteries monitored the results of the bumper prize to ensure fairness.

There is no holiday in the lottery draw except for the official holidays by the Indian Government. Because on special days the sale of the lottery ticket increases. Everyone wants to win the lottery prize on special days to make it more special for them.

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