DEAR Lottery is making people crazy because of its First Prize Amount. No other Lottery in the Indian States offers a Prize amount like the DEAR Lottery. ₹ 1,00,00,000 is awarded to the jackpot winner. It is the enough amount of a prize to make the winner happy.


Deserts show calmness and loneliness. There is no water all around the deserts. Temperature is very high compared to the other areas of India. Due to this, this lottery is named a desert because it shows the Qualities of a Desert.

This lottery Draw is held every Monday at 6:00 PM. People buy the tickets to play this lottery against ₹ 6 only. It is played in Nagaland State, Punjab State, and Sikkim State of Lotteries. All the States make revenue from the lottery.

The result is announced at 6:00 PM Weekly only on Monday for this lottery. Other Lotteries are also Drawn at the same time with different names.

How the Lottery is Drawn

The Lottery Result is drawn only on the sale tickets. All the sellers send their sale ticket records to the lottery authority and they save all the records then they draw the lottery result. There is a supervision committee which supervises all the process of the result.

The Conducting Officer is the head of the supervision committee. The result was held at Nagaland State of Lotteries, Kohima. The President and General Secretary are the members of the committee who finalize the lottery result.

Judges and Witnesses are also present to take care of all the result process. They recommend technical approaches to the staff. SOPs are defined for the Lottery Result.

How Many Prizes are Awarded

There is not only one prize for the lottery winners. The prize category is different for different winners of the lottery. Everyone in the lottery hopes to win the First Prize. But only one Lucky Winner wins the prize.

Lottery Sambad is making people richer after every draw of the lottery. There are many other Prizes rather than the First Prize.

First Prize

Firstly, the First Prize is awarded to only one winner who has the lucky ticket which is drawn on the result. There is no other First Prize besides this. The First Prize winner is invited to the State Lottery Office and is the guest of the day.

The winner is welcomed by the lottery officers and served with Love. The lottery officers take a photo of the winner when they hand over the lottery prize to the winner. The photo of the winner is published on different banners for the advertisement of the lottery.

The Sambad Newspaper also Published the Picture of the lottery winner. When the winner sees his photo in the newspaper he is amazed. The people discuss it and tell their friends and family.

More than 240000 prizes of different categories are awarded to the winners. The Last Category of the Prize is the Sixth Prize. Seller and Sub-Stockist also get prizes as the commission from the government fund.

Luck or Strategy

In the lottery, the two methods work every time and every day. The First is Luck and the other is Strategy. Luck is a natural thing that can happen to anyone at any time. There is no parameter to measure the luck of a person who plays the lottery. It happens suddenly when there is no chance to win.

Luck is co-related with fortune and you cannot assume that this will happen. It is God Gifted Chance to anyone who performs certain actions that make him Lucky and he Wins the Lottery. There is no meter to measure the luck. Technology and Science do not catch it with its types of equipment.

Strategy is a personal assessment that a player makes when he plays the lottery regularly. The Strategy is refined day by day with different experiences. Some multiple aspects and factors can make a strong strategy.

With the Strategy you can lead to the winning position. You just have the confidence to handle the situation. The decision-making person can amaze the world with his strategy.

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