Lottery Sambad is giving good news on the passage of every day. Revenue from the lottery is used for the ease of the people of India. The Indian people were awarded a new electric boat in Ayodhya to see God.

The visitors can see their God free of cost till 31 January 2024. There is no fare for the boat from the pilgrims to visit. Later on, the fare will charged when the Ayodhya Authority defines the fare for all the people.

The Boat will charged with the solar panels that installed in it. So there are no fuel expenses to run the boat. It will help the authority to save money that used for fuel in the past.


This lottery named DWARKA, the name associated with the city which situated in Gujrat, India. DWARKA is famous for its history. It is famous for the Lord Krishna Kingdom

DWARKA city is on the bank of River Gomti. From all over the world Hindu Pilgrims visit this city to see the historical places. When the season changes, different species turn their location towards the DWARKA city.

So it believed that the lottery name associated with the DWARKA city, and the Lord Krishna will help the players to win the lottery. As you know most of the Indian people are Superstitious. They connect every word and happening to their daily routine. 

When they think about their tasks they connect this activity with it and they relate every happening with it. So they have different views about different things.

Draw Time

The draw time of the lottery is 1:00 PM on every Monday. This draw held once over the whole week. So the pilgrims and lottery players wait for the Monday Lottery. They purchase the lottery ticket for the draw in advance.

When the pilgrims listen to the DEAR DWARKA LOTTERY, they take an interest in it. And they join the famous lottery group or lottery pools which are famous in town. They ask about the lottery and show their interest in playing the lottery game.

Many pilgrims win the lottery when they play during their visit to the DWARKA city. They return to their homes and their pockets filled with the lottery prize money. They amazed to know the ticket price of the lottery.

Prize Categories

The prize range of the lottery is different. Total number of prizes are 766600. The ticket price of the lottery is only ₹ 6. The prize categories are from the First Prize to the Sixth Prize. The Sixth Prize amount is much less than the First Prize amount.

The First Prize winner awarded ₹ 1,00,00,000 with ₹ 500000 as an extra commission for the seller of the ticket. The other draw of the lottery held at 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM.

Role of Kundli in the Lottery

No one in India doesn’t hear the word Kundli. Many of them know the meaning of Kundli and some of them don’t know its meaning. In Hinduism, Kundli used to identify the characteristics, personality, density, and weakness.

With the help of Kundli, you will be able to take the right step in your life. It guides people to choose which path or the thing is better for them. It tells us whether today is lucky for us or not.

Finally, The role of luck is very important in the lottery. So when you have the lucky day, you should also play the lottery and consult with the lottery experts.

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