A finch is a bird that found all over the world. This bird is small in size as a sparrow, its color varies from area to area where they live. They use nests to live in different places. They like grass to eat. But they also eat different types of fruits and plant seeds.

The Finch is famous for its spiritual symbolic qualities. They are famous for their songs and musical sounds. Deserts, grassland, and streamside are their favorite places to live.

The lottery draw uses the name of finch due to its intelligent and sound features. So this name shows that only intelligent people can win the lottery. Lucky and intelligent qualities of a person can lead him towards the lottery winning.

Luck and Intelligence

There are many factors to win the lottery, but here I will discuss only two, and those are luck and intelligence.

Luck is a natural phenomenon that can happen at any time without any signal or notification. There is no procedure that luck followed to reach the person at the time of the lottery draw. Only God knows who will win the lottery with luck today.

Intelligence is the process of solving a problem. In this, you have to think and rearrange the factors from which you can solve a problem. Your experience and IQ level play an important role in your intelligence.

When Luck and Intelligence combine nothing can beat your level. You can touch the sky of success with your decision-making techniques. You can dissolve the risk of different problems with both things.

Draw Time and Information

The lottery result drawn at Dear Lottery Today 8:00 PM on every Monday. This is the prime time for the lottery winners. Most of the lottery players choose the Nagaland State Lottery 8:00 PM draw to play the lottery. The ticket price of the lottery is only ₹ 6.

The numbering of the lottery ticket ranges from 31 to 99. The first prize number announced against an 8-digit ticket number. If all the 8 digits match with the lottery ticket then you are the winner of the lottery.

The Second Prize is also for the 8-digit match. The third prize is awarded to the 5-digit of the ticket numbers. The fourth to sixth prize is for the 4-digit match. All of the prizes are awarded to the ticket holders.

If your ticket is lost for any reason the lottery authority will not be responsible for this. So you have to keep your ticket safe. The claim process of the lottery prize is valid for 30 days after the lottery result. After that, no prize is given the the claimant.

Why Choose Dear Finch Lottery

There are many reasons to choose and play the Finch Monday lottery. First is that the lottery result time is very prime. Everyone is free from their work at that time. The second one is the ticket price of the lottery is very low so everyone can afford it. Even students more than 18 years old can play the lottery in this budget.

The students are more intelligent in activities like lottery and sports. So they have more tricks and tips to win the lottery. They discuss the lottery with their college friends. The friends share different methods to win the lottery.

The third reason is that Nagaland State allows other states like Punjab State, West Bengal State, and Sikkim State to play the lottery. So even when you travel to these States for your work you can play the lottery.

The prize of the lottery remains the same in all these States and you can get the prize from any of the States with an application. So play the Lottery Sambad and make history.

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