Godavari is the Second largest river in India. This river plays a different role in the socioeconomic situation of India. The river is used for agriculture and water supply purposes. The water of the river is very clean and good for agricultural land.

The Hindu people use the river to bathe from sins. They thought that when they bathed in the Godavari river the sins wiped out from their bodies and they got rid of the sins that they did in their life.

So it is famous that whoever bathes in the Godavari River can win the Dear Godavari Lottery with tips and tricks. The lucky person who ever bathes in the river should play the lottery and win the jackpot of the Godavari Lottery.

Godavari Lottery Draw Information

As you know the Godavari has many spiritual links with the people of India. So this name associated with the lottery to catch the people who believe in the Godavari. The lottery draw results morning held at 1:00 PM. In the morning, people buy lottery tickets and go to their work.

At the exact time of 1:00 PM, the draw result announced. Dear Lottery Result Today Morning announced daily at Lottery Sambad. You can check the result at any time. The Old Result is also available on the Website.

You should also read our Weekly Report on Lottery Sambad Result. This report provides all the information on the lottery results.

Godavari Lottery Prize Information

There many prizes awarded to the lottery winners. The Jackpot Prize is First Prize and its winning amount is ₹ 1,00,00,000. This huge amount is enough to live a Luxury Life in India. The seller who sells the lucky ticket which won the first prize also gets a prize of ₹ 500000.

The seller of the tickets which won the lottery prize gets a commission from the State Government Fund. The commission is not only for the First Prize, all the Six Prizes of different amounts have the seller commission.

Dear Result Morning is available on the Website for all the Tuesday Draws. The Sixth prize amount is ₹ 130 and the sellers commission is ₹ 10. A total of 690000 Sixth Prizes awarded to the lottery winner.

Tips and Tricks

To win the Dear Godavari Lottery there are many tips and tricks. I would share some of them with you so that you can follow them and become the champion Today Lottery Result.

Play Regularly

When you play the lottery regularly, you get a different type of experience. You have to learn from the experiences and play the lottery in a safe mode. Don’t try to win the Jackpot Prize in the first attempt.

Win the prizes from bottom to top so that you will never lose the lottery game. When you win the lottery prize of any category that should be the Sixth or the First, you learn many things that you experience while you are playing.

Note down all the things that you have experienced in the last round and try different techniques. When you try the lottery with the latest tricks you can win different prizes.

Buy More Tickets

Buy more than one ticket. When you buy more than one ticket. The winning chance in the lottery increases when the lottery tickets increased. As you know the lottery is a game of chance. The resulting machine can stop at any number. This number can be you or the other player.

Choose a different series of lottery tickets. When you choose different lottery tickets, your number of chances for winning increased. The chances increase the possibility of your winning confirmed.

When the possibility confirmed then you can multiple prizes of the Lottery and become the winner of multiple prizes at the same time. So play the lottery game regularly with different techniques and win prizes to uplift your financial status.

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