हंस लॉटरी refers to a bird which reflects different meanings in different sayings. Goose mostly referred to as a foolish or idiotic person. This does not mean that the only idiotic or foolish person will win the lottery of goose.

It conveys a message that the person who is silly or an idiot and doesn’t use his brain to play the lottery can win the lottery. It means that there is no such person in India who cannot win the lottery.

If the idiot or silly person can win this lottery then the intelligent and sharp-minded person can win more prizes, which is a plus point for them. This means that almost every person who buys a ticket to the Goose Lottery can win the Prize.

Dear Goose Lottery Draw Information

The draw for the Dear Goose Weekly Lottery held every Tuesday at 8:00 PM. The lottery result at 8 PM announced under the Nagaland State Lotteries. The judges of the lottery authority supervised the result and made the process of the lottery free and fair.

There is no ambiguity of fraud and scam in the result. You can check the draw result on the website of Lottery Sambad. The website updates the lottery result at the exact time of 8:00 PM. Here you can also find different tips to win the lottery.

Also, two other draws of the lottery held on Tuesday at different times one at 1:00 PM and the other one at 6:00 PM. You can also play the other two draws of the lottery to win at different times.

Goose Weekly Lottery Prizes

There are different prizes of different categories for the Goose Weekly Lottery. The prize range is from the First Prize to the Sixth Prize. The First Prize awarded to only One Winner of the lottery. There are 689 consecutive prizes for the first prize lottery number for the last 5-digit winner.

The Second Prize of the Lottery awarded to the 10 Winner of the lottery. The Second Prize amount is ₹ 9000. The seller of the tickets will get the ₹ 1000 prize as a commission from the State Government Fund.

The Third Prize awarded to 6900 winners of the lottery. The Lottery Prize is ₹ 2000 for the third prize winners. The sellers of the tickets will get the ₹ 500 prize as commission.

The Fourth Prize winner gets the ₹ 1000 as a prize in the lottery. The Fifth Prize winner will get the ₹ 300 as a lottery prize. The Sixth Prize winner gets ₹ 130 as a prize from the Goose Lottery.

You can win the Goose Weekly Lottery with different Tools. Here I will tell you a tool that will help you to generate the lottery number.

Lottery Number Generator

If you are a player of Goose Lottery and want to get predictions about the lottery ticket numbers. Then you should use the lottery number generator to draw the random numbers of the lottery.

You just have to select the name of the lottery and select the lottery number digits, then the lottery number generator will generate the random numbers of the lottery and show them to you in text form.

Randomly, Copy these numbers and filter out the numbers that look near to the lucky number of the lottery. If there repeated numbers of the lottery which appear in past draws of the lottery then ignore these numbers and generate new numbers.

When you generate new numbers then you will get the best lucky numbers for your lottery and you can win the lottery easily with a lottery number generator.

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