Indus is the name of a river in South Asia. It passes through Tibet and Kashmir to the Arabian Sea. This river has its history, so in the history, it is famous for its Indus Valley Civilization.

The name of India also derived from the word Indus. This river passes through the Pakistani Territory and drowns in the Arabian Sea. It passes through the famous mountains called the Himalayas.

So this river is important for the agricultural land and provides the water source to the Asian people. So the lottery authority associates its name with the Dear Lottery Draw showing that the Indus Valley Resident can win the lottery easily.

Dear Indus Lottery widely played in the Himalayas and South India. So the people benefit from the lottery and win different prizes. The prize money used for the betterment of the people.

Dear Indus Draw Details

The Dear Indus Weekly Lottery held every Wednesday at 1:00 PM. Dear Lottery Today played with the name of Indus Lottery, and the result of the lottery is announced at the given time. There is no holiday for the lottery rather than for the official holidays in India.

Nagaland Dear Lottery Result announced at the head office in Kohima, Nagaland State. Dear Lottery Result circulated in the relevant states of India where the dear lottery played.

You can get the Dear Lottery Sambad Result at the website of Lottery Sambad. The website of Lottery Sambad is All the results of the 1:00 PM draw, 6:00 PM draw, and 8:00 PM draw announced on this website.

Dear Indus Lottery Prize Information

The Dear Indus Weekly Lottery prize can amaze you when you listen to the jackpot amount. No other lottery other than Lottery Sambad gives such a huge prize in the lottery game.

The Lottery Jackpot Prize is ₹ 1,00,00,000. You can read the whole story of the recent winner of the prize in our Weekly Report. No lottery in India gives this huge prize in the amount of ₹ 6. The ticket price of the lottery is only ₹ 6.

There are also different prizes other than the First Prize or Jackpot. The Second Prize awarded to 10 winners of the lottery. The Second Prize amount is ₹ 9000. There is also a Third Prize in the lottery, giving the ₹ 2000 to the winner.

The Fourth Prize of the Lottery is ₹ 1000 and the seller of the ticket also gets the ₹ 50 as the commission. The Fifth Prize amount is ₹ 300 and the seller gets the amount of ₹ 20 as a prize. The Sixth Prize amount is ₹ 130 and the seller and sub-stockists get the amount of ₹ 10.

How to Win Dear Indus Lottery

If you are the player of Dear Lottery Today then you should know all the information about the lottery. When you have complete knowledge of the lottery then you can easily win the lottery prize.

You can win the lottery with different tools here I will tell you the Astrology Techniques with which you can win the lottery easily.

In Astrology, Firstly you have to know your horoscope of the Star Sign with which you can relate your lucky number in the lottery. The lucky number shows you the number that will work for you today.

After knowing the lucky number of the lottery from your horoscope. You have to know about the lucky day. If the day is lucky for you then you can play the lottery and will become the winner of dear lottery.

When your day is not lucky then you should not play the lottery game and wait for your lucky day that will work for you and make you the champion of the dear lottery. If you are not lucky for today dear lottery result then you have to wait.

If you are not lucky then it does not mean that you cannot win the lottery. You just have to wait for your day that will bring the news of the lottery winner. When you play the Dear Lottery on your lucky day and check the Nagaland Dear Lottery Result you will be proud of yourself.

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