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  • Introduction
  • Importance of Playing Lottery Game
  • Draw Time of Mahanadi Lottery
  • Prize List of Mahanadi Lottery
  • Who can Play the Mahanadi Lottery
  • Who can Win the Mahanadi Lottery


Mahanadi River situated in the Indian State of Odisha and widely used for the cultivation of crops and land. It is a great source of water for the people of India to fulfill their needs of water. It is on the list of India’s largest rivers.

All the rivers like Mahanadi have spiritual connectivity with Indian Peoples but the Ganga River is the most spiritual one, so the Hindus go there and worship with Ganga river. So this connectivity converted into Love with the Ganga River.

It believed that those who drink the water of the Mahandi River and Play the Lottery Sambad Game in the draw of the Dear Mahanadi Lottery will win the First Prize. No competitor in front of him will do this to play the lottery. 

Importance of Playing Lottery Game

Playing a lottery game is a hobby in India and now this hobby converted into an addiction. Because this game provides entertainment and other benefits for winning the prize. Different people from different areas form different groups to play the lottery game.

Mahanadi Lottery Draw is one of them to provide entertainment and peace of mind to its players. When the player wins the lottery game he gets money as a prize which will be beneficial for him in the future.

The people use this money to fulfill their basic needs and invest in another project to get the extra income. When the money meets with money then it creates more money. Now all people need money to live a happy life.

Draw Time of Mahanadi Lottery

The Mahanadi Weekly Lottery draw held every Thursday without any leave or any pause at 1:00 PM. This will be the first lottery draw of the day which held under the Nagaland State Lotteries.

Nagaland State Lotteries provide many chances for the players to win the lottery prize. There is no restriction on the lottery game. All the people of Nagaland and West Bengal can play the lottery game.

Anyone can purchase many tickets according to their budget. Many ticket creates many chances to win the lottery game and make you a remarkable person in society. The winner of the Mahanadi Lottery appreciated everywhere in India.

Prize List of Mahanadi Lottery

Mahanadi Lottery does not award only one prize to its players. There are many prizes for the lottery players which catch them to play the lottery game. This game will provide big money to its first prize winner.

The amount of the First Prize winner is ₹ 1,00,00,000 and ₹ 1000 will awarded to the consecutive prize winner. There are also prizes ranging from Second Prize to Sixth Prize. The Prize starts from ₹ 1,00,00,000 and ends at ₹ 120.

For the Complete Prize list of the Dear Lottery please read this: Weekly Report

This report will give you all the weekly information on the Lottery Samabd and Dear Lottery. All the prize winner’s information will shared here with a complete story.

Who can Play the Mahanadi Lottery?

Everyone who is an adult and has the National Identity Card of India can play this lottery. But you have to be a resident of Nagaland State or the West Bengal State to play the lottery. Because the other State also offers their lotteries to play.

The Nagaland State and West Bengal State give the top prizes to lottery winners all over India. Because there is a prize money of 1 Crore which you can only win with only ₹ 6. This prize money is the highest all over India.

Who can Win the Mahanadi Lottery?

The lottery is a game of chances where you hope to win the game. Many prizes awarded to the winners of the lottery game when you win the lottery game on your chance that can be your game skills or luck.

When you win with luck, no one can beat you because all the blessings of God are with you to beat all your opponents. When your luck works then you don’t need any skills to calculate the lottery numbers.

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