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  • Introduction
  • Draw Time of Dear Meghna Weekly Lottery
  • Prize of Dear Meghna Weekly Lottery
  • How to Target Dear Lottery Win
  • What Should I Do With My Winning


Meghna word consists of two words, the first is Megh. Megh means clouds and Naa is derived from Naad which means sound or voice. So Meghna means sounds of clouds. Meghna is a spiritual sign in India. Indian people named their children Meghna.

Meghna is a river in India and Bangladesh. As you know the river flows in West Bengal in India. So most of the people of West Bengal have spiritual linking with this river. Also this river is used to fulfill their water needs and they also use the water of the river to cultivate their crops.

So the Dear Lottery chose the Meghna name as their lottery name. The people who are spiritually connected with the name of Meghna, play the lottery draw to win the First Prize. 

The Lucky Number for Meghna is 3 and 4. Mostly the lottery results have these numbers in the prize list with different patterns. Whenever you play the Dear Lottery Meghna Draw you should choose the 3 and 4 number pattern as well so the chances of your win will increase.

Draw Time of Dear Meghna Weekly Lottery

The draw time of any lottery made it special among its player bank. Mostly, lottery authority chooses the right time for the draw. Because people play the lottery game in their free time. So the lottery draw time is set according to it.

The draw time of the Dear Meghna Lottery is 1:00 PM. This is the best time in the daytime to catch the majority of lottery players. The second factor of the lottery that makes it famous among the people is their prize money.

You know the people are more willing to win more money with a low amount of investment. So the lottery makers set the lottery prize beyond the thinking of the lottery players. They give many prizes to different people to encourage them to play the lottery game again and again.

Prize of Dear Meghna Weekly Lottery

Different lotteries have different prizes to win the hearts of lottery players. The science behind the lottery prize is very complex. Any lottery cannot become famous without their prizes. Because people play the lottery game to win prizes.

In gambling industry, a lottery is a game where you can win the largest amount of money with the very low amount that you invest in it. Whenever you play the lottery game, you always see their prize list and then you will buy the tickets of the lottery game according to your budget.

Man is a greedy animal and wants to collect as much as he can. You can win ₹ 10000000 only with a ticket of ₹ 6. The Dear Lottery is working under the administration of Nagaland State Lotteries so this lottery can be played in Nagaland State of India and with the special law it is allowed to play the lottery in West Bengal State of India.

There is not only one prize in the lottery. The prize range is upto Sixth Prize and you can win more than one prize at the same time by holding the multiple lucky tickets.

How to Target Dear Lottery Win

Always set a goal before playing the lottery game. You cannot win the bumper prize of the lottery on your first attempt of playing the lottery game. You should have to understand the mechanism and many other factors of the lottery game to win the prize.

If you cannot win the lottery game on your first attempt that does not mean you cannot win the lottery game. You win the lottery game but you have to play smartly. Then, You can play smartly with the choosing of lottery tickets numbers according to your calculations.

You have to observe the lottery working mechanism and their daily result of the lottery draws. You have to make a formula to do your own calculations. Update the formula for your calculations according to the time of the draw.

You can easily chase your target in a lottery game. If you cannot do it yourself. Consult with lottery experts and get the formula from them. Then you have to crack this formula according to your needs.

What Should I Do With My Winning

Most of the people who win the lottery prize are poor or middle class because the rich people do not believe in the lotteries mostly. They think that the lottery is a scam or the wastage of time and money.

Rich people have enough money so they business with this money and make money to become more rich so they say that it is a scam. But the poor or middle class people don’t have money to do business or investment. So they choose lotteries to turn their luck.

When you will be the winner of the lottery and the prize money of the lottery will be in your hand then you have to make the right decisions so that you never become poor again. You should have to start your own business with this money so that your income would be higher than your expenses.

Also buy many tickets of the lottery game that make you rich so that the luck will work for you again. You can win unlimited lottery prizes after your first win. But you should have to be consistent and play more lottery games that are famous in your town like Lottery Samabd.

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