Lottery comparison between two lotteries depends on their ticket price, their daily draws, prize amount, prize categories, and prize claim time. The ticket price can be varied from lottery to lottery. The Nagaland State Lotteries decide the Lottery Ticket Price.

The DEAR Lottery working under the Nagaland State Lotteries, so all the lottery decisions are made by the relevant authority. There is a complete governing body to make decisions about the lottery.

The Mountain represents Desire, Dream, and Stickness. Mountains higher in size and stick to their location which cannot be changed. So it shows that you can fulfill your desires and dreams if you stick to the lottery.


This lottery is Named DEAR MOUNTAIN FRIDAY WEEKLY. It is held every Friday at 6:00 PM. The Prize is One Crore which is enough to fulfill your dreams and desires. Nagaland Lottery allows West Bengal People to play the Mountain Friday lottery.

West Bengal People can also win the same prize of the lottery which can be the Nagaland State. There is no prize and price difference between the two states. Nagaland Lotteries collects more revenue by selling its lottery in West Bengal.


You can win the lottery with different Strategies and Patterns. You should play the lottery in different groups or lottery pools so your chances of winning will increase. When you play in a lottery pool you decide with the discussion of your pool.

If you make the decision alone then there is a lot of chance to lose the lottery. When you play the lottery in the pool and group, all the lottery players will make a decision that will be accurate and precise to win the lottery.


The Draw time of the lottery is 6:00 PM every Friday. This Friday the 37th draw of the lottery held in Nagaland State City Kohima. The conventional paper lottery in India has a very old history. So the draw and the lottery name linked to different things which show different meanings so the lottery players attracted to the lottery.

As you know, the history of India is very old, and the people of India are also Superstitious. So when people see the different names of the lottery they think that with this name he can win the lottery. Because this shows that the name is lucky for it.

Strategies and Patterns

To win the lottery people use different Strategies and Patterns. These strategies not given by the lottery authority. You should draw your strategy within the playing of the lottery. When you play the lottery regularly, you experience different situations which lead you to make a strategy.

You use your strategy to play the lottery, you can decide at the peak time when you can change the whole game of the lottery. When your decision works for you, you should understand that this strategy fit for you.

Lottery Patterns defined with different shapes that can be triangles, hexagonal, pentagons, or rectangles. You have to move the ticket numbers in different directions or use mathematical operations.

When you use these shapes and math, you will see different results of the lottery numbers. Note down all the results of the lottery numbers which you get after these operations. Only pick the related and odd numbers which are not familiar to you.

Sometimes you can get the hot and cold numbers as the result of these operations. You should know these lottery numbers. So that you can pick them at the right time that fit for your lottery pool.

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