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  • Introduction
  • Don’t Lose Heart while Playing Lottery
  • Dear Narmada Weekly Lottery Prizes
  • Dear Narmada Weekly Lottery Draw Time
  • Win Lottery Sambad Today 1:00 PM
  • Relation of Lottery Sambad and Dear Lottery


Dear Narmada Weekly Lottery referred to with the name of a river which situated in India. Narmada word made with two words “Narm” and “da”. “Narm” means Joy or Happiness and “da” means giver. So the word Narmada means the giver of happiness.

Lord Shiva made Narmada River to clean the sins and become pure. Also become empty from sins as you got birth right now. When you get clean from all over the sins that you have done in your life God will bless you.

When you blessed by God then you can easily chase anything in your life. If it was the lottery or any other achievement. Every person in the world has many wishes but all his wishes cannot complete without the help of God.

Don’t Lose Heart while Playing Lottery

In the way of wishes such occurs in the man’s life when a man totally loses his hope and becomes pessimist. All the progress in the world is the result of the determination and perseverance that God has granted to man.

Man should never lose heart and face his failure manfully. One day God will bless him with Success. If you get tired of playing the lottery and cannot win a lottery prize till now. You should not lose heart and just go with the flow one day you will be the achiever of the First Prize of Lottery Sambad.

Dear Narmada Weekly Lottery Prizes

People always play the lottery game for big prize money because they think that this prize money can be a life changer for them. The Narmada Lottery draw was held after a week on Saturday. The sale of tickets starts after the previous draw result.

When the lottery tickets enlisted for sale in the market you can buy the lottery tickets in Nagaland and West Bengal from your nearest ticket seller. Nowadays many fake tickets are circulating in the market. So you should be careful of fake tickets.

If you want to get the first prize of Dear Narmada Weekly Lottery then you should have to buy the real and genuine tickets from the sellers. Because the lottery authority does not give prizes to fake ticket holders.

If you have a fake ticket that contains the lucky number which announced in the lottery draw result then you can lose the first prize money of the lottery which is ₹ 10000000. Check the ticket with their security features and enjoy your game.

Dear Narmada Weekly Lottery Draw Time

Lottery time can vary from day to day and draw to draw. The regular lottery draw time is announced before and fixed for a week or a month. The time of the lottery draw is noted by the regular player of the lottery game.

They note down the players intensity in the draw of lottery and decide to play or not in that draw. Experienced players does not play in the draw that is full of lottery players. They choose the draw where is less players.

The lottery time of Narmada Weekly Draw is 1:00 PM. There are the less players than the 8:00 PM and 6:00 PM. So most of the lottery players choose this draw to win the lottery prizes.

Win Lottery Sambad Today 1:00 PM

Lottery Prize is the most important thing that triggers players toward the lottery. When you win a lower prize in the lottery game, you try to win the first prize of the lottery game. This thing creates a boost in your mind to play and win the lottery.

Every lottery draw has a different strategy to win because every draw has a different situation and player bank. The algorithm behind the lottery result for every draw works differently when you play the lottery game and different results are out for lottery prizes.

The 1:00 PM draw of the lottery is the first draw of the day and there are a majority of players who take part in this draw to win their luck. This situation can give you a great time for the best competition to win the lottery.

When you face the competition in a lottery game then you learn more and your knowledge about the lottery becomes vast. When you play a lottery game regularly, you note all the changes that are happening in the game and you play the lottery game more efficiently than before.

Relation of Lottery Sambad and Dear Lottery

Dear Lottery works under the Nagaland State Lotteries that have a permit to define different lotteries that give multiple prizes to the people of India. Nagaland State allows West Bengal to play the Dear Lottery because Nagaland Lottery and Dear Lottery have a strong working relationship between each other.

Lottery Sambad uses the whole lottery system like lottery tickets, lottery officials and lottery results to make profit from the lottery. The official result  of the Dear Lottery and Nagaland State Lottery is announced on the website of Lottery Sambad.

When the result of a lottery is announced on the website then they gather the player bank of the lottery game and they start the lottery with a different name and different lottery ticket sellers are associated with their system and make profit from the lottery game.

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