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  • Introduction
  • Pelican Weekly Lottery Time
  • Pelican Weekly Lottery Prize
  • Why We Should Dear Pelican Lottery
  • Benefits of Playing Dear Lottery
  • Conclusion


A pelican a Bird with a long beak used to prey on fish. The Pelican Bird mostly lives in water and eats fish and other species of water to live alive. It mostly found in white and grey colors. The black of color Pelican also found in the world.

The Pelican has the quality to catch the fish and other species of water. When the fish and other species of water are moving from one point to another point pelican catch them very fast so that they cannot run to save their lives.

This quality of the pelican made him ideal for all bird species. If you have the quality of a pelican you can win the Dear Pelican Lottery easily. A lottery game is a river of water where the prize-giving lottery ticket is flowing with water. 

You have to choose this lottery ticket like the pelican. This act can make you a millionaire and winner of the Dear Pelican Lottery.

Pelican Weekly Lottery Time

There are many lotteries in India working under the State Government to give many prizes to people but their draws held once or twice a week the Dear Lotteries draws held three times a Day.

Dear Pelican Weekly Lottery draw held at 8:00 PM every Wednesday with the same name. This is the very unique and ideal time to play the lottery because you are free from your daily routine work and have no stress in your mind.

The other draw on Wednesday held at 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM. These drawings work with the different names under the Dear Lotteries. Their names are Dear Indus Wednesday Weekly Lottery and Dear Hill Wednesday Weekly Lottery.

Pelican Weekly Lottery Prize

Every Lottery is famous due to its Prize money. The player tends to play the lottery game due to its prize money, how big they give them more with little money. The Ticket price of the Dear Pelican is very low so that everyone can play the lottery game easily.

Dear Pelican Lottery gives ₹ 10000000 with only a ticket of ₹ 6. This is a very big money which makes the lottery more famous all over India. Everyone in India can play this lottery where the Nagaland State Lotteries allowed to play.

This lottery mostly played in the West Bengal State because they allowed to play the Nagaland State Lottery. Due to high prize money and low ticket prices, people buy more tickets to win more prizes in the lottery.

Why We Should Dear Pelican Lottery

The ticket price of the lottery is very low so the poor and rich can buy the lottery tickets to play the game. Rich people buy more lottery tickets to increase their chances of winning the prize. Poor People collect money all over the week to buy more tickets for the lottery.

When they buy more tickets for the lottery their probability of winning the lottery game increased and they are very near to winning the prize of the lottery. This lottery gives more prizes to its players so that more players win the lottery and play again.

The First Prize of the lottery is for only One winner and the Second to Fifth Prize, there are 10 ticket numbers in the result and more than 150000 prizes for them. This makes the lottery different from the other lotteries

Benefits of Playing Dear Lottery

There is no fear of losing more in the lottery because the ticket price of the lottery is very cheap and only ₹ 6. This can make the lottery more unique among the other State Lotteries. The other lotteries have more expensive tickets than the Dear Lotteries.

The Bumper Prize ticket of the Dear Lottery is only ₹ 500 with a prize of ₹ 25000000. This makes sense to play the lottery with little money and win big. Everyone in the world wants to earn more money and the Dear Lotteries made it possible in India.

You can get the lottery prize directly from your ticket agent or claim it from the lottery head office. Both methods are reliable for you. You can check the lottery results online from their Website.


If you have only ₹ 6 and want to win the big money so play the Dear Pelican Lottery in India. This lottery works under the State Government and approved from the Indian Finance Department.

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