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  • Introduction
  • Role of Dear Lottery to Uplift the People’s Life
  • Prizes of Dear River Weekly Lottery
  • Dear River Weekly Lottery Draw Time
  • How Dear Lottery Generate Revenue
  • How Dear Lottery Generate Money for Prizes


Dear Lottery offers multiple cash prizes in India without any discrimination. They don’t see whether the lottery prize winner is Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras. They just see the lottery ticket number and the result of the draw.

River has different signs that reflect the change in life, showing the sign of Paradise and Heaven. It reflects the sign of peace that you got in your life. The Dear River Weekly Lottery also reflects the sign of life.

Because the lottery gives many prizes to its players. So that they use the prize money to run their life and fulfil their daily needs. Their prizes highly appreciated in the society because they have created more than 2000 crorepati in India.

Role of Dear Lottery to Uplift the People’s Life

Dear Lottery mission is to provide the ease to people in their life. By giving them the supporting prize with big money. They provide more and more prizes to the people of India. They revised their prize money with the passage of time.

As you know, prizes are big in money. The bumper prize money of the lottery is upto ₹ 5 Crore. That is enough for an ordinary man who buys the ticket with only ₹ 6. The lottery is a traditional game. So its names also associated with the Indian tradition to catch the people’s intentions.

Prizes of Dear River Weekly Lottery

If you put the prizes out of the lottery game then there is nothing left behind so the lottery administration always pays heed to lottery prizes. They always keep the first prize money so big that the player gets attention to play the game.

This creates the curiosity and greed in the heart of lottery players and he buys more tickets to win the first prize of the lottery. As you know, there many lotteries that administered by the Indian State Government so the lottery gives prizes to the ticket seller to increase their sale.

If you don’t know the prize money of the Dear River Lottery then here I am going to tell you the prize money of the lottery. The First Prize of the lottery is ₹ 10000000 and many other consecutive prizes to the same ticket holder.

Dear River Weekly Lottery Draw Time

The lottery draw time of Dear River Lottery is 6:00 PM on every Saturday. The draw time of the lottery makes it different among the other lotteries and other draws of the lottery. In my point of view, the lottery draw time should be at the evening time so that everyone can take part in the lottery.

When the lottery draw time starts, the sale of the lottery tickets also start and stop at the time of the draw. The sold ticket record sent to the lottery administration to complete the process of the result.

All the sold tickets of the lottery saved in the database of the result system then the lottery result drawn at given time. The people are very curious about the announcement of the lottery result. When the result of the lottery announced, the first prize winner of the lottery got big money.

How Dear Lottery Generate Revenue

Every lottery generates different amounts of money as a profit. Some lotteries go into loss when they start their operation in a certain area, but within the time span their loss converted into profits.

Profits are the amounts that used by the lottery administration to run their system. They pay salaries to their staff and meet other needs of their expenses. When they in loss then the expenses of the lotteries paid by the owner of the lottery from their pockets.

The sale of lottery tickets are the main source of the lotteries to earn profits and generate money from their sales. When the sales increased by the amount of their total expenses then they earn money and make good profits.

How Dear Lottery Generate Money for Prizes

Everyone thinks that the lottery administration always pays the lottery prizes from their pockets. But this thinking not so true, every business started to earn money. The lottery administration sells lottery tickets of different prices to earn profits.

The profit and loss is the part of every business, but with your best strategy every business makes profit. If you don’t give attention to your business then your business will go in loss. So alway think about new steps to make a big profit.

The sale of the lottery tickets is the main source of money for every lottery system. Every lottery cannot handle all the sale of tickets, so they give their franchise and authorization against the specific amount and give them tickets for sale.

With this collected amount from their franchisee, they run their business and give different prizes to the winners of the lottery. With the passage of time, the popularity of the lottery increases then they start make profit and earn a lot of money.

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