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  • Introduction
  • Dear Sea Weekly Lottery Prize Details
  • Dear Sea Weekly Lottery Draw Time
  • Difference Between Scratch Card and Lottery
  • Dear Lottery Claim Offices


Dear Lottery also known as Darling Lottery in the Indian State of Nagaland. The Nagaland State of Lottery provides everyday three lotteries with different times and different names. Their basic objective is to provide more money to the people of India to make them rich.

The Nagaland State of Lottery also collects tax on the prize of the lottery from the lottery winner. As they give prizes to the sellers also then the lottery tax also collected from the lottery ticket sellers.

Dear Sea Weekly Lottery shows many signs to its players so that they can win the lottery game easily with the help of some tips. They should also take an eye on the motion of the sea because the Sea Weekly Lottery also acts as a sea.

Dear Sea Weekly Lottery Prize Details

Dear Sea Lottery is famous for its prizes and ticket prices. The ticket price of the Dear Sea Lottery is only ₹ 6. The first prize of the Dear Sea Weekly Lottery is very high and you cannot consider such a prize at the price of only ₹ 6.

The first prize of the lottery is ₹ 10000000 and the ticket seller who sells the ticket to the first prize winner also gets a prize of ₹ 500000. The Government of Nagaland State deducts taxes from the prize money of the lottery winner. The tax percentage varies from 5% to 30%.

The required amount of tax in the lottery decided by the Nagaland State Officials. They approve the lottery tax amount according to different factors and circumstances. The lottery syndicate of Dear Lottery can increase or decrease the amount of tax.

Dear Sea Weekly Lottery Draw Time

As you know, the Dear Lottery has 3 draws in a day. Sometimes the draw number can vary to 4 due to the bumper draw. The time is different for every draw due to many factors. The Bumper Draw always held at Night Time at 8:00 PM.

But the other draws held at 1:00 PM, 6:00 PM, and 8:00 PM. The Dear Sea Weekly Lottery draw held at 6:00 PM. It is the second draw of the day to win a prize of ₹ 10000000. You can win with the help of your friend who is an expert in lottery games.

Due to different timings of Dear Lottery draws, the lottery players make plans according to every draw of the lottery. They don’t invest all the money on the one draw of the lottery. They try to win more prizes then they buy more tickets for different draws of the lottery.

Difference Between Scratch Card and Lottery

You know that lottery and scratch cards a form of gambling which allowed in different states of India. The lottery and scratch cards have different procedures to win the money. In scratch cards you have to remove the removable ink from the card.

When you remove the removable ink from the card then you see a number under it and this number will decide your winning or loss. If the number under the ink on the card matches with the winning number then you will be the winner otherwise you have to try your luck again.

But in the game of lottery you have to buy the lottery ticket that contains a lottery number of different series. Your lottery ticket number cannot match with the other player of the lottery. The lottery number is the science behind the lottery game.

In the lottery there are limited winners of the prize but in scratch cards there are multiple winners of the prize of different amounts. But you should have different skills to win the lottery or the scratch cards.

Dear Lottery Claim Offices

Dear Lottery gives prizes to different lottery winners on a daily basis according to the preference of their claims forms. As you know, the dear lottery multi-state lottery which played in different states of India.

But there are different lottery claims centers in different states which handle all the claims related tasks and queries of the lottery player and winners. They have offices in Nagaland State, Punjab State, West Bengal State and Sikkim State.

You can claim your lottery prize with the help of a lottery claim form that can be easily downloadable from the lottery website. The legal duration of lottery prize claim is only 1 Month from the date of your winning.

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