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  • Introduction
  • Dear Seagull Weekly Lottery Prize Details
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  • How to Win Today 8:00 PM Lottery
  • Features of Dear Seagull Lottery


Seagulls are referred to as the birds that live near the banks of different rivers and streams. They are basically Gulls and due to their colonies near the banks of the sea so they are called Seagulls.

The Seagull has many spiritual qualities by God. They can detect anything dangerous can happen and they give signals to their companions and warn them to be alert for any storm and other dangerous things.

They like to live freely and openly in nature due to their quality of fearlessness. When they live openly in nature, they have to face many problems and try to survive in any circumstances.

So they give us a lesson that we should not lose heart and should face all the problems. One day God will bless us with success.

There is the message for the lottery players about lottery result, they should not lose heart and try to win and survive in any difficult situation so that they can win the lottery game and the bigger prize can turn their life into a wonderful life.

Dear Seagull Weekly Lottery Prize Details

Seagull Weekly Lottery works under the umbrella of Dear Lottery which is run by the Nagaland State Lotteries. As you know, the people of Nagaland State are mostly poor. They live hand to mouth and cannot avail many opportunities by the Government of Nagaland State.

So the Government of Nagaland State gave them the platform of Nagaland State Lotteries to win different prizes of the lottery and change their lifestyle to the upper level. So, most of the people take part in the lottery game to win the lottery prize with their lucky tickets.

Dear Lottery offers many prizes to its players to catch their attention and beat the other lotteries like lotto in the lottery market. Due to the higher prize against the ticket of only ₹ 6 they left behind many other lotteries and won the hearts of the lottery players.

The first prize of the Dear Seagull Weekly Lottery is ₹ 10000000 and many other prizes for the runner ups and they also offer prizes till the Sixth Prizes. They give 799261 prizes of different amounts to the winners of the Dear Seagull Weekly Lottery 8:00 PM draw which is held every Friday.

Dear Seagull Weekly Lottery Draw Time

Dear Lottery, many draw on a daily basis to give many prizes to lottery players so that they can create a hype of their lottery in the market. When a business wants to grow in the market they give many benefits to its customers like Lottery Sambad.

As you know the Lottery Sambad is working under the shadow of Nagaland State Lotteries which directly deals with the Dear Lottery. So the Dear Lottery and Nagaland State Lottery decide the draw time of the lottery.

The Dear Seagull Weekly Lottery draw time is 8:00 PM on every Friday. This draw is very unique in the view of lottery players because on the evening of the Friday the Weekend starts. When the weekend starts in India, the people go outside and enjoy their weekends.

So the lottery addicts go to the lottery sellers and buy their tickets to win the lottery game. They consult with their friends and family to choose the lottery ticket numbers. They also use their tactics to win big in the lottery.

How to Win Today 8:00 PM Lottery

To win the lottery is not a myth nowadays because there are many ways to crack the lottery system. Every lottery has a unique system that is made by any designer or the programmer of its system.

The lottery system maker gives some tips and hacks to the lottery authority to know the lottery system. So the lottery authority consists of lottery officials that tell these tips and tricks to their loved ones who play the lottery.

They leak out the lottery system hacks and give some instruction to the people who play the lottery game. They crack the lottery system with the help of these tips. So they make a formula or different patterns.

With these different formulas and patterns they try to draw the lottery numbers which works for them. So they tell these tips to other people and many people get the tips to win the lottery game with the help of some calculations and patterns. So they win the Lottery Sambad Prize.

Features of Dear Seagull Lottery

As you know, the Dear Seagull Weekly Lottery is held once a week on Friday which has many features for their players. The lottery provides a big amount of money which they can win with some tips and tricks. The time of the Weekly Lottery of Dear Lottery is 8:00 PM which is very prime for the lottery players.

All the people of West Bengal and Nagaland State can buy the lottery tickets to win the prize with their luck. There is not only one prize for the lottery winner, they give many prizes to different winners to give them hope that they can win big prize in the next draw of the lottery.

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