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  • Introduction
  • Today Result of Dear Stork Lottery 8:00 PM
  • Prizes of Dear Stork Weekly Lottery
  • Draw Time of Dear Stork Weekly Lottery
  • Lottery Scams in India
  • Steps to Prevent from Lottery Scams


The Stork bird widely found in India so the lottery name associated with them. The name shows that who has the qualities of a stork can win the Dear Stork Lottery easily. Now you have to find your inner qualities so that you can win the lottery prize.

As you know that the stork have long bills with which they prey on their food to live. They live near the banks of streams or rivers or under the shadow of a tree. Stork cannot survive under the worst weather so they keep moving from one place to another.

They are the sign of freedom, intelligence and hope. So while you are playing the stork lottery then you should have these qualities to face the situation which can turn your luck into your winning.

Today Result of Dear Stork Lottery 8:00 PM

Dear Lottery launches many weekly lotteries everyday to provide a wide range of prizes. These prizes create a layer of happiness so that they can easily enjoy their life with this money. You know that everyone in this world needs money to survive.

Dear Stork Weekly Lottery launched by the Dear Lottery to fill up the slot of Saturday’s 8:00 PM lottery. On the same day on Saturday other two draws also held. But the 8:00 PM draw is very unique out of them.

Prizes of Dear Stork Weekly Lottery

Different prizes awarded to different players in different lotteries but the Dear Lottery is the most famous and favorite in India due to its prizes. The reason for its popularity is for two things, the first one is its First Prize which is worth ₹ 10000000 and the second is its ticket price which is only ₹ 6.

In the era of inflation you cannot even buy bread for only ₹ 6 but you can win the lottery prize which is worth ₹ 10 Million. If you cannot win the lottery’s first prize then you can win the other prizes rather than the first prize.

The prize rank of the dear stork lottery is more than the Sixth Prize. The lottery gives more than 6 lac prizes in one draw which are worth more than 100000000.  So you don’t have to lose heart and you just keep trying to win the lottery prize with only ₹ 6.

Draw Time of Dear Stork Weekly Lottery

If you are a regular player of the lottery then you know that there are three draws of the dear lottery in a day. The first draw time of the lottery is 1:00 PM, the second draw time of the lottery is 6:00 PM and the last draw time of the lottery is 8:00 PM.

The dear stork lottery draw time is 8:00 PM which is the most important draw for the regular players of the lottery. Because the regular players of the lottery also take part in the other two draws of the lottery.

When the time of the last draw comes then they buy more tickets of the lottery with more preparations and planning. So they don’t want to lose the game and hope to win the lottery prize in this draw.

Lottery Scams in India

Within the advancement in technology, scammers find new tactics to deceive the people in the field of lottery. They target the innocent people who can easily trapped with their different tactics.

The scammer uses the information of the lottery and says that they are the lottery official and can support them to win the lottery. But you know the lottery system very fair and cannot hacked or cracked easily.

Even the lottery authority’s high officials cannot win the lottery game. They not allowed to share the information of the lottery system with the public. The lottery officials tracked by the lottery authority to confirm that they are not sharing the information of lottery.

Steps to Prevent from Lottery Scams

There are many ways to prevent the lottery scams that can help you to save your money for your brighter future.

  • The first step is to note that if you are not playing the lottery game then you have to ignore all the messages or emails that you received by the scammers. 
  • The second step is that if you are the lottery player and playing the lottery game recently. Then you have to confirm your lottery ticket number and lottery result from the official sources. 
  • The third step is that you have not to share your personal information with anyone. Even the lottery officials don’t demand your information on phone or via email.
  • The fourth step is that you have to be aware of the fake lottery tickets and check all the security features in the original lottery tickets to avoid scams.

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