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  • Introduction
  • Dear Toucan Weekly Lottery Draw Time
  • Dear Toucan Weekly Lottery Prize Detail
  • How You Can Find Lottery Ticket Seller in West Bengal
  • How Lottery Tickets Distributed


Dear Lottery chooses the name of different things like birds, rivers, sea and many other objects to name their weekly lotteries. These names convey different signs and messages to the lottery players.

Whenever you play the lottery, you just check their lottery name and buy the lottery ticket to try their luck. Names are very important in our life to distinguish different things so that you can differentiate them and identify them.

Dear Toucan Weekly Lottery based on the name of a bird “Toucan” which widely found in Nagaland State of India. Dear Lottery also operated from the Nagaland State. So they have a deep connection with them.

Dear Toucan Weekly Lottery Draw Time

There are 13 States in India which allow lottery games with various laws to earn money and award different people in the form of lottery prize. When all the states launch different lotteries everyday then the draw time collapses with each other.

Then these states decide to launch their lottery draw at different times. So all the state’s lottery draw times different from the other lotteries that played in India. When the lottery draw time matches with the others lotteries then there creates an ambiguity that cannot resolve easily.

Dear Toucan Lottery draw time is 8:00 PM on Sunday. This lottery works under the Nagaland State Lottery and Dear Lottery. So these two lottery bodies manage all the tasks to handle the lottery functions.

Dear Toucan Weekly Lottery Prize Detail

Every lottery provides different prizes to its lottery winners. But most of the lotteries that work in India don’t pay as much as the Dear Toucan Lottery pays to its winner. They offer five prize tiers to their lottery winners.

The first prize of every lottery is bigger than other lottery prizes. The second lottery prize would be greater than the third lottery prize and so on. But the Dear Toucan lottery prize is ₹ 10000000 and the seller of the lottery ticket will also get ₹ 500000.

Other lottery prizes also given to the lottery winners but their amount can be less than the first prize of the lottery. Different lotteries have different prizes tiers to award their lottery winners.

How You Can Find Lottery Ticket Seller in West Bengal

West Bengal State noted as the most first prize winner of the Nagaland State Lottery game. But other states also won the first prize of Dear Lottery and Lottery Sambad. But their ratio is not much greater than West Bengal.

The West Bengal State of India ranks on the 15th number in the poverty index 2024. Due to this most of the people of West Bengal play lottery games to eradicate poverty and live their life happily.

12 percent people of West Bengal are living below the poverty line, this means that they don’t fulfill their needs with their daily income that they earn from different sources. So the government of West Bengal supports people by initiating a lottery game.

How Lottery Tickets Distributed

Lottery tickets a good source of lottery prizes so they made and distributed secretly so that no one can crack their secrecy branch. If you want to crack the lottery ticket and lottery system then you cannot do this.

Because every lottery system has different types of security features that cannot fooled. When you want to crack their system you will get harmed or you can get in trouble. So you should also not think about cracking the lottery system.

The lottery tickets printed with a special type of ink that is not easily available in the market. They also use many hidden security features in the lottery ticket that not publicly announced due to security reasons.

The lottery tickets of Dear Lottery distributed only to the registered seller and agency holder of the lottery game. They not allowed to start selling before a certain time. The lottery tickets packed in a box that well packed with different patterns so that no one can open it securely without the permission of the authoritative person.

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