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  • Introduction
  • Dear Yamuna Weekly Lottery Draw Time
  • Dear Yamuna Weekly Lottery Prize Details
  • Is Dear Lottery is Legal in Punjab
  • How you can buy Dear Lottery Ticket Online


The Yamuna word derived from the word “Yami” which means twins or pairs. This refers to the God of Death and Goddess of River. So an Indian river associated with the name of Yamuna.

Yamuna river situated on the northern side of India and the river passes through two states which is Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. According to the survey of 2015, the river declared as the “dead river” due to untreated waste.

So the Government of Nagaland associated the name of the lottery with Yamuna River. The generated revenue will used to treat the water of Yamuna River. The Dear Yamuna Weekly Lottery will work under the Dear Lottery.

Dear Yamuna Weekly Lottery Draw Time

In India private lotteries cannot organize lottery draws to give different prizes. Then the State Government organizes different lottery draws in different states. Every state government has rights to do business in the form of a lottery.

They conduct different laws to facilitate the lottery players so that they can win the lottery prizes. When they win lottery prizes, they start different types of businesses with this prize money. Every lottery set their draw time according to their location and player’s preferences.

Dear Yamuna Lottery draw time is 1:00 PM on every Sunday. This lottery draw is very important for the players of Dear Lottery because they want to win the lottery prizes in every draw of the lottery.

Dear Yamuna Weekly Lottery Prize Details

Prizes are the most common things that the lottery players win at the end of the lottery result. The Prize of the lottery catches its players to itself to get more fame in the specific state or area. When the lottery gets famous and its sale of tickets increases.

 Within the increase in the sales of the lottery tickets, the dear lottery generates more revenue. This revenue used in the water treatment of Yamuna River in India. So that the people who live near the banks of water will benefit from this river.

The lottery prize is more than the other lotteries that work in India, Dear Yamuna Lottery gives ₹ 10000000 as a first prize to its players. The other prizes have different money according to the prize rank of the lottery.

Is Dear Lottery is Legal in Punjab

Dear Lottery allows 5 States to issue their lottery tickets in their respective states so that the Dear Lottery is legal in Punjab State. Punjab State also has its own lottery authority which runs Punjab State of Lotteries.

The Punjab State of Lotteries makes 1000 Crore revenue per year and this graph is increasing every year. Punjab State have their own laws to run the state lotteries to generate revenue for the state to run its functions.

Punjab State also organizes bumper prizes with different names and different ticket prices so that they give different prizes to lottery players. When the ticket price of the lottery increases the lottery prize also increases.

  • Punjab State Bumper 200
  • Punjab State Bumper 100

How you can buy Dear Lottery Ticket Online

Dear Lottery has their official website to announce the lottery results and other news about their lottery. But you know that the lottery doesn’t allow the players to directly buy the lottery tickets online from their website.

But the lottery players can buy the lottery tickets directly from the ticket seller or lottery ticket agency by contacting their business contact number or the business whatsapp numbers. You can find many lottery ticket sellers from the internet.

Online purchase of lottery tickets has many other ambiguities which cannot be resolved easily. Because the lottery ticket dispatching is the very difficult process to provide the physical ticket through courier services.

The courier services require more time and money in which the lottery ticket price can also increase. When the lottery ticket price of the lottery increases your lottery budget can also get affected.

This may increase your lottery budget. But if you buy the lottery tickets offline or physically then you can increase your chance to win the prize. You can buy more tickets in the same budget so that your chance of winning the lottery prize will increase.

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