Details of Lottery Sambad Actor Appears in Lottery Advertisement

Lottery Sambad invites new actors and actresses to play a role in their daily advertisements. Indian actors are beautiful and smart enough to act in the ads. Punjabi Actors are very famous for their comedy and fun. So the Punjab State Lottery invites the actors in their ads.

Punjab State of Lotteries sends proposals to different actors for their ads role. Few of them respond back and they select one of them. They select the actor on a pure merit basis. Examine all the actors’ profiles and choose the best one for their ads.

They offer the selected actor a handsome amount for their role in the lottery ads. The Lottery authority sends them an agreement to sign for the ads. When the actor sends back the agreement, they send the work details and time when to perform for the lottery.

Here I will tell you about a famous actor who plays a role in the Punjab State of Lotteries.

Jaswinder Bhalla

Jaswinder is the most famous actor in the Punjabi Movies. Bhalla acts in different roles in more than 100 Punjabi Films. After 28 years of Birth, he started his career with a Punjabi Movie. He belongs to Ludhiana, a city in Indian Punjab State.

Jaswinder is also a Professor and has a Ph.D. degree from the Charan Singh College. He belongs to the Sikh community of India. Due to his Punjabi language, he is very famous all over the Punjab State of India. He often visits Australia and Canada for different roles.

His wife is also a Teacher and Punjabi Sikh. His famous movies are Carry on Jatta, Rangeelay, and Jutt Boys. Due to his fame the Punjab State of Lotteries invite him in the ads of their Bumper Lottery. This Bumper Lottery is held at 8:00 PM

When the Lottery Players see Jaswinder Bhalla in the ads, they tend to buy the tickets. When they buy tickets more than more, the lottery administration gets more sales from the tickets and makes a lot of profit.

They offer many prizes to the lottery winners in the Bumper Lottery Draw. When the lottery player wins the prize, he repeats the Jaswinder dialogue to tell his friends and family. This act brings happiness to the lottery players. Jaswinder’s famous dialogue is “Munde di Lottery”.

Political Involvement

There is no political involvement in the lottery game. But Funds are raised to gather the government revenue for the public. These Funds are used for the betterment of the Public of Punjab State.

Jaswinder Bhalla also join a political Party in India named as Aam Adami Party. Bhalla is the active member of that party. He attend party meeting and give funds to run the party tasks.

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