How the Lottery started? History of Lottery

When we want to tell someone how lucky he is, we often say, you must have won a jackpot or lottery. But what is lottery? How it started in the first place and why it declared illegal in most countries.

What is Lottery?

Lottery is a kind of game in which participants buy tickets. These tickets have random numbers on them. Then a draw takes place in which all the numbers on the tickets included. A random number chosen impartially from the draw and a prize given to the person who bought that number. Some lotteries have more than one prizes and all the winners chosen impartially from the draw.

History of Lottery

Lottery in Ancient Times

We cannot say exactly when the lottery started but we can see its roots in ancient Rome and Chinese Empire. In 200 BC in China lottery played with the name white pigeon game. The lottery was given this name as pigeons were used to send the result of the lottery to participants in the nearby villages. Some of the funds generated through this game were used to build the Great Wall of China.

Lottery in the Ancient Roman Empire

Lotteries were also played in the ancient Rome Empire. At that time, Roman Emperors used to host public dinners. After the dinner was served, different kinds of lottery games were played and prizes and gifts were distributed among people.

history of lottery

A roman emperor Augustus Caesar made the lottery more common and easily available for the general public. Thus, everyone was able to buy lottery tickets. Mostly, lotteries played after the Roman army has won a war. The funds generated through these lotteries used for the repairing and maintenance of the city buildings.

Lottery in the Mid Centuries

In 1445, a kind of lottery used by Dutch people to create a wall for their city. The word lottery comes from the Dutch word lot meaning fate. In the 15th century, lottery game also established its roots in the regions of Belgium and Netherland. The first recorded public lottery or lotto played in the Genoa, Italy in about 16th century. The funds created from this lottery used in the war between Venice and Melan.

The lottery played in Genvoa a bet on the 90 council members to see which 5 would be selected. As the lottery became more popular in Genoa, the organizers started using numbers instead of the names of council members.

why lottery was banned

Lottery in England

After that, lottery crossed the borders of England. The prizes for the lottery were equal to the price of all lottery tickets combined. At that time, the game of lottery was costly thus, only a small group could afford to play the lottery.

An interesting fact about England lottery is that people who bought tickets for lottery declared innocent for their crimes.

After England, lottery entered the countries of Spain and France. In the year 1655, the first ever lottery in America played in New Amsterdam, presently known as New York. In fact, the founders of America also somehow involved with organizing different lotteries.

When Ireland became an independent state, it decided to organize a huge lottery to generate funds for the hospitals repairs. This lottery called Irish Sweepstakes. The tickets of this lottery not only sold in Ireland but also in America and England.

But the sad thing about this lottery that although this lottery was generating millions but the hospitals not improved accordingly. Instead, the funds from lotteries were going in the pockets of elites and organizers. In the year 1987, the government of Ireland started the National Lottery and it replaced the Irish Sweepstakes.

Why Lotteries Banned

In America, lotteries used extensively to generate funds for different public services. However, soon corruption found the lottery and the organizers started to deceive people. The used to sell tickets to the people but when the time to announce the winners come, the organizers would flee.

After that, several people started campaigns against lotteries saying that it is a form of gambling and also creates immorality in the society. In 1890s, the lotteries completely banned in America.

Advent of Modern Day Lotteries

The lotteries re-entered in America in 1960s in the origin of New Hampshire. today, lottery is legal in almost every state of America. Today, there are several famous lottery games in America such as Power Ball and Mega Millions.

modern day lottery

Apart from America, Europe, and England, lotteries also made their way to other parts of the world such as Asia. In India today, lotteries are legal in some states and in some states not. Lottery Sambad also called Nagaland State Lottery the most famous lottery that legalized by the State of Nagaland. The purpose of this lottery is to create funds for the state and to improve the economic condition of people.

Lotteries have always been a part of human society in one way or another. However, there must be some rules and regulation authorities to organize lotteries. Otherwise, there will be scams and organizers will rob people in the name of lotteries.

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