How to Analyze the Result of Lottery Sambad

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • Analysis Strategy of Lottery Sambad Result
  • 1:00 PM Draw
  • 6:00 PM Draw
  • 8:00 PM Draw
  • Bumper Prize Draw
  • Conclusion


The curiosity of the lottery players is at its peak when the result time is coming soon. Everyone wants to know the lottery result first within no time of the announcement. The result of the Lottery Sambad announced at the time of the draw.

The result contains the lottery ticket number of the winning players who win the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth prizes. The player can claim the lottery prize directly from the lottery authority office or the ticket seller in their area.

The lottery ticket seller also gets prizes from the lottery authority on every winning of the lottery player. So the lottery ticket seller prefers to sell the ticket of lottery sambad. When the lottery gives a prize to the seller, they don’t want to sell the tickets for other lottery games.

Analysis Strategy of Lottery Sambad Result

You can analyze the lottery result very easily after getting the result from reliable sources of the lottery. You can get the lottery results from the ticket seller, daily newspaper, and directly from the website.

The analysis of the lottery is elementary when you are a regular player of the lottery because when you play the lottery game daily, you can measure all the ups and downs in the lottery results.

Your analysis of the lottery result will take you on a new way to a successful lottery player. You can use this analysis in the future to get the lottery numbers. Note down all the hot and cold numbers of the series which appear again and again in the lottery result.

1:00 PM Draw

The first draw of the lottery held at 1:00 PM every day. Due to the first draw of the lottery, there are a large number of players who take part in the game. The sale of lottery tickets starts at the start of the day.

Everyone who plays the lottery draw at 1:00 PM can access the result of the lottery game. When you see the lottery result and find your ticket number in the result. If you found your ticket number in the result then you are a winner of the lottery. 

Verify the lottery result and your ticket number two to three times to confirm your victory. But when you see that there is no ticket number in the lottery result which you buy to win the prize then you have to note down the numbers.

6:00 PM Draw

When you note down the numbers of the lottery draw at 1:00 PM but you don’t win the lottery prize then you have to play another draw of the lottery to win the lottery prize at 6:00 PM. Just open your mind and take a look again at the last result of the lottery.

When you see the last result of the lottery, you should come to know that you are wrong at that point. Just find your mistake and make the right decision to confirm your victory at the right time. The right decision at the right time makes your luck that cannot changed by anyone.

The 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM draws have very little time between them to win the lottery prize because when the time decreases between the draws of the lottery the number of players also decreases and you can win the lottery prize easily.

8:00 PM Draw

As you know there is very little time between the 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM draw so you have to buy the lottery ticket. When you have the lottery ticket of that draw which held at the last of the day you can win the lottery prize quickly.

Increase your tickets to increase the probability and possibility of prize-winning. When you increase the number of lottery tickets, your chance to win the lottery game also doubles. If the chance to win the lottery gets doubled you are just a few steps away from winning.

When you win the lottery game by the increase in lottery tickets, all your investment in the lottery game will get returned by winning the lottery prize. The first prize of the lottery is ₹ 10000000 and the ticket price is only ₹ 6.

Bumper Prize Draw

The ticket price of the bumper prize draw is only ₹ 100 and ₹ 500. But you can win the ₹ 15000000 and 25000000 respectively. The Weekly draw of Nagaland Bumper 500 is held every Saturday and the Monthly draw of the Punjab State Lottery is held every month at 6:00 PM.

The prize of the Bumper Draw will be awarded from the sold tickets in the lottery. So there is less competition in the Bumper Draw of the lottery. When there is less competition the winning chances of the player increases.

So cross the rush at the ticket counter and buy your ticket as soon as you can. This ticket will change your whole life when you win the first prize of Bumper Draw. This prize will give a financial support and boost your mind with healthy ideas to change your current status.


Note down all the lucky numbers of the lottery and compare them with the other draw of the lottery. Then make a formula that drives the perfect result of the lottery for you. Update the formula over time.

When you change your formula according to your calculations, your winning ratio will increase and you will be the Champion of the lottery game.

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