Lottery Sambad Today Result 8:00 PM – July 14, 2024

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This is the 8 pm result of Lottery Sambad today. You can view the result of Lottery Sambad for 8 pm draw here on this page. The evening draw of lottery Sambad rescheduled and is now takes place at (new timing). The lottery Sambad result for 8 pm draw uploaded on this webpage daily. You can daily check out the result of 8 pm lottery Sambad draw here. Keep in touch with us to find out result of your lucky draw for 8 pm. The result for night draw of lottery Sambad gets updated on our website immediately after the announcement from the lottery administration.

Dear Evening 8:00 PM Tickets

Day – दिनTicket Name – टिकट का नाम
Monday – सोमवारDear Finch Monday Weekly – प्रिय फिंच सोमवार साप्ताहिक
Tuesday – मंगलवारDear Goose Tuesday Weekly – प्रिय हंस मंगलवार साप्ताहिक
Wednesday – बुधवारDear Pelican Wednesday Weekly – प्रिय पेलिकन बुधवार साप्ताहिक
Thursday – गुरुवारDear Sandpiper Thursday Weekly – प्रिय सैंडपाइपर गुरुवार साप्ताहिक
Friday – शुक्रवारDear Seagull Friday Weekly – प्रिय सीगल शुक्रवार साप्ताहिक
Saturday – शनिवारDear Stork Saturday Weekly – प्रिय सारस शनिवार साप्ताहिक
Sunday – रविवारDear Toucan Sunday Weekly – प्रिय टूकेन रविवार साप्ताहिक


You can also checkout the results of other draws of 1 pm and 6 pm on other pages of our website. We update the result of lottery Sambad daily for 1 pm, 6pm and 8 pm as well. Lottery Sambad is the best site in India to check the result of lottery Sambad daily results. We also provide you schedules of all draws of lottery Sambad and other lotteries as well. You can also check results of other rewards such as bumper prizes on our website. For your convenience, our website daily updates result of all three draws of Lottery Sambad on their respective timings. 

Check daily results of lottery Sambad here. Participate in lottery Sambad and keep visiting us to find out the results. Our website will also keep you informed about the latest updates and news regarding lotteries. If you have any questions regarding lottery or if you want us to upload result of any draw, let us know in the comments. 

Dear Evening 8:00 PM Prize

Rank – पदNo. of Prizes – पुरस्कारों की संख्याPrize Amount (in ₹) – पुरस्कार राशि (₹ में)Super Prize Amount (in ₹) – सुपर पुरस्कार राशि (₹ में)